Opening of the Lufthansa maintenance Hall

After one and a half years of construction, it will be new Lufthansa-Hangar, especially for the "Euro Jet" (Boeing 727) was built, officially opened. The decision to build the round 10 Million DM expensive Lufthansa maintenance Hall for Jet aircraft was carried out in July 1963 the Supervisory Board of Flughafen München GmbH, Architect Rolf Zambito.

The 4 each 15m x 15m-wide goals of more than 101 Meters long, and 63,5 Meters wide in steel truss of built hangars, can be opened over the entire width. In the new Lufthansa maintenance Hall up to four Boeing can 727 at the same time be placed.

The roof of the 6.000 Square meters and 16 Meter high Hall is supported by steel ropes, the four huge pylons are looking forward. The pylons with a length of 39,5 Meters were by large concrete foundations ten meters deep in the Earth anchored to the roof construction with each ca. 45 Meter cable wires around 320 Tons to maintain weight.

27 It was years later Lufthansa hangar in riem blown up