Coat of arms of Halle

The reception hall of the Munich riem airport was named Herald.

The coat of arms Hall was planned by the architect Ernst Sagebiel in the year 1939 built in. Due to the second world war the Hall but not for civilian use in claims could be taken and was partially destroyed during the war. Only in the year 1951, so 12 The reception hall of the Riemer was years after the construction of the airport for the first time the purpose of actually to be carried.

Most 16. June 1951 the modernized Herald of the Riemer airport solemnly opened.

The Herald was in the year after the closure of the Munich riem airport 1995 placed under monument protection and belongs to the few Memories of the airport of riem.

Most 8. September 2000 fell over the decision in the competition for the- and redesigning of the area around the coat of arms Hall of the former airport riem. The Munich Perret, Reichert, Pranschke, Hak prevailed with your suggestion and got the contract for the realization of the ca. 33.000 Square feet of office space on the knapp 16.500 m of square meters area. The new coat of arms Hall 2003 completed and today serves as a venue and also has the attachments with a business center.